There are better things to catch…It’s not about how many people like a post, it’s about how many saw it and how many actually engaged with it!
Real strategic marketing gets eyeballs on your business, clicks to your website and phone calls.
Does your business have an actual strategy?
Or are you just posting to get likes…

A lot of businesses we see are falling into this trap.

They get caught up in posting multiple times each day on social media chasing the likes.

For any business to have an impact on social media it takes strategy & budget… yes budget!

If you are just putting up an endless display of pictures with no strategy and no budget, your message isn’t getting seen by your potential audience.

As Facebook limits your newsfeeds on posts with no budget to your main, most engaged followers, these posts are largely being seen by the same people each time (mainly family & friends) & you are basically just preaching to the converted. You also run the risk of these people switching off because they get sick of seeing you.

Unfortunately many agencies also manage social media this way, they are content creators but not advertising & marketing specialists. So they create a lot of content & post daily so they look like they are doing a lot but the sad reality is no one on scale is seeing it.

Real social media marketing is targeted, strategised and budgeted.

It’s critical that the correct audience is seeing your message on scale & that your posts are relevant, attention grabbing and designed to engage, as well as used to drive people through to your website for more information.

One amazing post on social media per week with the correct message, budget and targeted audience can have a serious impact on enquiries to your business.

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality and strategy.

Sure, we still need to ensure we are also creating posts that engage with your audience and that we aren’t always selling or just running ads, but the best mix is both & that’s what we specialise in!

If you’d like to discuss marketing options for your local business, give us a call…