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Here’s A Couple Of Quick Tips…

1. Stop Chasing Influencers – Sounds weird I know, but their following is often largely made up from overseas followers, bought/fake followers & generally not locals.

2. Don’t follow back everyone who follows your page – A lot of the likes you’ll generate are from people following the hashtag you used WORLDWIDE & not local, so be selective. A lot of it is also Robot spam & these pages will unfollow yours the next day.

3. Follow Local Business Pages, network, engage & Follow Locals!

4. Stop following & accepting overseas based pages – They aren’t going to buy off you & their likes won’t help distribute you message locally.

5. Make sure if your using hashtags that you include your locality ie, #Mornington or #MorningtonPeninsula – Locals follow these.

6. If you’re going to run targeted ads make sure your targeting is localised and you have an actual strategy.

7. If you want influencers, go Micro – Sounds weird targeting smaller influencers with only 1,000 followers? You are much better having 1,000 locals see your message who are likely to buy than have an Influencer with a large following of worldwide followers who won’t buy your stuff or visit your business seeing your message.

8. Before engaging any influencer check out where there following is actually based & their local engagement, if it’s all overseas or fake accounts walk away.

9. If the person running your page is only creating content & not running paid targeted promotion – Find someone else!

10. Remember you’re always better having 1,000 locals following you who are engaged and likely to purchase than 10,000 followers located overseas who won’t – Don’t get caught up in the race for a big following, you’ll dilute your result.

Every business is different but these small things can have a big impact…

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